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Below is a form that makes it easy for you to send us information about your business, which will be transferred to your website. Keep in mind, we can't put your valuable information on your website if we don't have that information.
Please be creative and add as much information as you can now. You can always add more information later, so if you need to hold off on certain portions and resubmit that to us at a later time, that is no problem.
We will need the pertinent information, such as name, address, phone, email, etc. We also need to know what product or service your company provides. If you want to provide company history, that is always a nice touch for a website. If you have a very new business, skip the company history, unless you purchased or took over an established business with a long record and a good name. If your business has been around for a long time, you should by all means provide as much detail as possible in the Company History section so your prospective customers will understand that they are dealing with a long-standing company.
In the Keywords/Keyword Phrases section, please type in every word or phrase you can think of that you would use to find your company (based on what you do) if you didn't know the company exists. Another way to look at it is, what would you type in to find your competitors. The more information we get here, the better your website will be found in the top results for your area down the road. Also include the cities and regions you cover, starting with primary and then secondary. If you want information about your management or staff included, add that info in the proper slot. Be sure to hit Enter and add a space between employees so we don't mix them up.
NOTE: If you are a dealership, franchisee or authorized dealer for a parent company or companies, put that information in the Parent Company URL section.
PHOTOS/LOGOS: Please send all photos and logos to We need the actual digital files for your logos, so please do not mail business cards or brochures for our use. In most cases, your printer or sign maker will have the original artwork on hand (if you don't) and we prefer them be sent to us via email in jpg format.
Remember, information is our friend here; the more information we get from you, the better your website will work!
If you are going to use e-commerce to make sales directly from your website, we will discuss that portion by phone.
If you have any questions at all, just call us at 573-334-1025.
We appreciate your business!

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Thank you! If you have any questions, you can call us at 573-334-1025 or email us at
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